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Integral Drill Steel

Hexagonal Hollow - Steel

Steel Grade & Chemical Composition

1) 40 SiMnCrNiMo


Propose: Integral drill rods, reamer drill bit guide rods, tapered connection under H28 drill rod or threaded drill rods. Hot rolled condition has good toughness and impact resistance.

2) 95 CrMo


Purpose: Integral drill rods taper drill rod.                        Reference point:  Ac1 :  755°C       Ms :  190°C       Ms :  190°C  

3) 55SiMnMo


Purpose:  Shallow hole drilling of small drill rods          Reference point:  Ac1 :  760°C       Ac3 :  785°C       Ms : 275°C

A. Drill Steel Inserts

Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd Drill steel inserts (D S inserts are brazed on integral Drill steel Rods to Drill the hole for blasting, Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd has successfully designed and developed the grade which gives longer life and increased fatigue strength Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd is the market leader in India & Global for quality DSI.

The Range of Drill Steel inserts manufactured by Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd is shown below.

Range Of Drill Steel  Inserts
B. Integral Drill Steel Rod

Integral Drill Steels H22 (7/8'')

shank 22x108 mm (7/8'x4 1/4')

Integral drill steel rod is used by a hand held drill machine in underground mining and for small hole drilling, equipped with small power rock drills, like air leg rock drills, hand held rock drills, etc. According to different application, different lengths are available

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